Saturday, January 3, 2009

Frank Miller Still Sucks; A Wacky Addition; Things to Come

In my last post, I had some fun crunching the numbers on the epic fail that was The Spirit's opening week/weekend, coming to the ultimate conclusion that a scant 26 people showed up to each screening for a total four-day gross of $10,352,000. Well, checking the good ol' Box Office Mojo site again, I couldn't help but cackle when I saw the now eight-day gross was only $14,483,840. That means that in the four-days in between, the movie only grossed an additional $4,131,840 total revenue. Fun with numbers again reveals that attendance has shrunk to ten people per screening. Not even word of mouth of the "It's so bad you have to see it" variety could boost this movie. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Moving right along, I've made the exceedingly minor but (methinks) necessary addition of a Review Index, which is now linked in the sidebar above the archive drop-down menu. It not only makes it easier to see what I've reviewed, it also gives me an excuse to give each film a witty tagline synopsis, which is always fun. I'm particuarly proud of "MEGAFORCE:
A BeeGees impersonator takes on a gay cowboy in a war of leotards and zippo lighters with absolutely nothing on the line." because it's not only funny, it's also entirely accurate. Uninitiated and don't believe me? GET TO CLICKIN~!


And finally, in the near future (ideally, this weekend or early next week) I'll post my picks for the Top Three Best and Worst movies of 2008, including a full-fledged REview of the Number One Worst! What took the cake? Was it Frank Miller's epic fail The Spirit? What about Michael Haneke's ode to designer sweat vests and broken eggs, Funny Games? Did Rob Zombie's White Trash Halloween defy time and space to claim the top spot two years in a row (if not, it probably should have)? Or was there something even worse? Find out when REdunbeck REturns!

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